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Greymatter Unlimited, Inc. (GUI) is celebrating 7 years of existance serving clients from all over the world with high quality servers, affordable hosting and cheapest dotPH domain registration.

We partake our joy and fulfillment with our most valued clients. And to show that we really care for our clients, we are now offering dotPH domain registration at P995yr. and dotPH domain transfer at P900 with 1 year domain renewal included.

Yes, the prices of dotPH domains have never been so low as it is now! Early this year, when we ventured to be a dotpH registrar, we promised to bring down the price of dotPH domains to lower than P1,000 within this year, and we did. If we continue to receive the same support we received this year from our clients, next year we will be able to offer cheaper rates yet.

For now, enjoy and celebrate the cheapest rate ever of our dotPH domains! Happy Anniversary!!!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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