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Folder Client Area (3)
How to login to client area, change password, reset password.
Folder Domain (12)
Related to domain registration, transfer, modification
Folder Email (4)
Matters related to email, setup, sending , receiving, etc.
Folder Hosting (2)
How to transfer my account, FTP, Webmail, etc.
Folder How-to (5)
Instructions on how to configure or setup
Folder Subscription/Recurring Payment (1)
Let the system pay your invoices
Folder Troubleshooting (7)
Issues resolved by troubleshooting

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Article Is my IP blocked by the server? Traceroute
To find out if your IP is being blocked by the server, try to find out first what your IPis by browsing: www.whatismyip.com and send to the tech...
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Article Can't access my webmail: internal server error and over quota
It means that the storage of mails in the mail box exceeded the limit. So, make the size of the mail box bigger. It can happen that the mail...
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Article Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons
Ini_set has been disable serverwide. If you need to enable ini_set in your site, you need to tweak php.ini file. You will know by seeing this:...
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Article Domain Transfer
Client can transfer domain from other registrars to us. Here are the conditions to be looked into before you can transfer your domain to us: 1....
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Article dotPH Domain Management
FINALLY A DOTPH DOMAIN MANAGEMENT AVAILABLE (Most Awaited) Finally, we have a workaround for the Management of dotPH Domains being tested...
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