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Can't access my site(s) - How come?

There are many possibilities you cannot access your site(s) in our server though from your computer you can access other sites like Yahoo, Google, etc.  (If you cannot access any site, better check with your ISP provider the reason you do not have internet access.)

It could be possible that:

1) The server firewall blocked your IP. Reasons that can vary like login failures in cpanel, webmail, FTP, or the server is experiencing hack attempts from compromised/infected computer(s); get your current IP from www.whatismyip.com and send to us for inverstigation.

2) The IP in use has been blocked by other networks (could be due to spamming or other reasons); a trace route would show this but we can't do much about it and just wait for the Ip to to whitelist.

So, how do I find out? How to do a Trace Route (tracert)?

For trace route, if using windows XP or equivalent, open the DOS command, i.e. run CMD from the commandline.
A black box will show up with a cursor like this c:\>
Then type: tracert yourdomain.com
And then send the results to us for investigation.

As a matter of procedure, please open a ticket from your client area:http://tahanan.net/clients/

and send the following details:

- your domain name

- your current IP (from www.whatismyip.com)

- your trace route results


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